Gold Embroidered Flower broach


Embroidered Flower broach handcrafted in Jaipur, India. Designed by Sophia 203. 

Made from 100% silk, metallic thread and pearls. 

Swedish-born designer Sophia Edstrand first arrived in Jaipur to work alongside world renowned French jewellery designer Marie Helene De Taillac. Completely engrossed by this world of fantasy and colour, Sophia explored all the different facets that the city of Jaipur had to offer. One day came across an exquisite embroidery technique used to make accessories that adorn the heads of miniature Hindu Gods.

Fascinated, she delved right into the world of this hidden art. She couldn’t believe that something so meticulous, so beautiful, so varied in colour and rich in technique had yet to be applied and developed to contemporary design.